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Connective Waterways

Troy Garcia

When examining the scope of the Red Fort, it was noted that while the Chandni Chowk and the front of the Fort provided a high density, extravagant atmosphere which allowed for a variety of activities, the back of the fort and its park was a stark comparison as this area's neglect is prevalent on-site as the waterways have dried out, the vegetation has been unkept and overgrown and debris is scattered across the park. Therefore, to respond to such conditions, a revitalization of the exterior of the Fort is needed as a whole which can connect and extend the experience of the Chandni Chowk and the Red Fort to this area as well. By acknowledging the historical, cultural and natural dimensions of this site, we begin to implement various design elements which encourage socialization among users and with nature as well. This intervention then begins to form a linkage to existing urban architecture as well which allows these various designs to intertwine their experiences and furthers the experience found in Shahjahanabad.

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