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Homeless Society
Community Innovation Hub

Mariem Kadhim

The intervention of the old townhall aims to create a community hub staffed and managed by a new homeless/low-income sustainable society who both lives, studies and works at the Hub. The Hub will also be their place for systematic work opportunities in Chandni Chowk. Allowing them to be more proficient with their time instead of waiting for work. The above levels of the two side buildings of the old town hall are the residency where they can live until they find permanent accommodations. In the main hub space, there are educational spaces, research spaces, market spaces, as well as community gathering spaces. The old Mughal gardens are also being re-adapted into the landscape to create a variety of gardens including fruits, vegetables, herbs, and gardens. This includes the reclamation of two parking lots north of the old town hall. In addition, the path leading from the old town hall to the train station is proposed to be pedestrian only during day hours and mainstreamed.

Kadhim_Mariem_ASS7_2 Historical-Current Plan Overlay.jpg
Kadhim_Mariem_ASS7_3 Masterplan.jpg
Kadhim_Mariem_ASS7_7 Building Section 2.jpg
Kadhim_Mariem_ASS7_6 Building Section 1.jpg
Kadhim_Mariem_ASS7_4 Level 1 Floor PLan.jpg
Kadhim_Mariem_ASS7_5 Level 2 Floor Plan.jpg
Kadhim_Mariem_ASS7_8 Bamboo Detail Installation.jpg
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