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The structure and site intervention is a formal and adaptable response to the emergent occupation of space at the Gadodia Market. The project generates a permanence for a threatened temporal entity, while creating a system of adaptable selling spaces and functional living spaces for shop keepers, migrant workers and existing residents of the site. The tactics and systems employed are largely drawn from the embedded intelligence of Delhi’s market spaces within the Chandini Chowk. The structure uses a bamboo roofing truss system that allows
for an adaptability for fabric weaving, that works with the seasonality and temporality of ongoing festivals celebrated in India. The design of the structure uses a polycarbonate sheltering that protects the underlying truss system and uses concrete cores for the built enclosed spaces for living and selling. As part of the interventions the central courtyard space uses brick permeable pavers that allow for water filtration. The roof utilizes bamboo to form a structural frame intervention. Specifically catered to existing infrastructure, the minimal space meets and surpasses functional needs, providing an ornamental, sheltered environment that
also acts as storage and display. Inhabitable sections that use operable bamboo woven screens, a detail which combines sustainability and decoration that has the functional advantage of blocking precipitation and diffusing natural light and encourages private appropriation of public architecture. The intervention changes the public landscape and transforms the public market space into a semi-private living spaces. The built form of Shahjahanabad responds to the social and cultural demands of the population; residents within transformed a public park into a place of personal dwelling. Emplacement with the site and intervention refers to the process of constructing space for certain events or activities that involve sensory and affective aspects. Emplacing the structure and design thus concerns a particular and adaptable articulation of living and selling spaces within a relational set of connections.

Spice Market


Natalia Sawant

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