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Town Hall Market

Brooke Smith

The Shahjahanabad area of Delhi, India has a rich history of textile, spice, and fruit markets.
This project aims at revitalizing markets at the center of Chandni Chowk. The Town Hall Market
Pavilion is rejuvenating the Town Hall Square in Old Delhi's Shahjahanabad Chandni Chowk.
The project makes use of the vacant Town Hall building by renovating the ground level to
accommodate communal areas, maker spaces, and a small museum showcasing the historic
area's antiques. It is proposed to construct two additional markets in the green space behind the town hall. One is permanent market stalls for selling fabrics and handicrafts. This is adjacent to an open-air pavilion designed to accommodate the daily street sales of fruits, vegetables,
spices, and other common items in India. The majority of the property is preserved as green
space for the nearby neighbourhood. In addition to the natural space, a new water channel
connecting the North and South axes is proposed for the site. The channel is connected to an
adjacent location that purifies and cleans the water before pumping it back to the Town Hall site for the benefit of the users.

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