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Urban Forestry

Emily Stephan

‘Urban Forest’ is an adaptable structure in which can be a permanent or temporary structure, placed along various areas of the Chandni Chowk. The intervention creates opportunities for various purposes depending on the users needs. Providing a space in which can be adapted and changed based on daily activities of the Chowk. Having each chosen location providing programmed areas based on immediate activities and industries of that area of the Chowk. The first proposed location is located near Fatehpuri Masjid. Where this intervention provides the opportunity for socializing, eating, market stalls, and sleeping surfaces. Using the interstitial spaces on either side of the Chowk will help mitigate surrounding foot traffic. Providing a better flow of movement within the area.

Stephan_Emily_Assign 7_Perspective 2.png
Stephan_Emily_Assign 7_Site Plan.png
Stephan_Emily_Assign 7_Supporting Industries.png
Stephan_Emily_Assign 7_Site Section 1-100.png.jpg
Stephan_Emily_Assign 7_Mitragron Axo.png
Stephan_Emily_Assign 7_Plan 1-200.png
Stephan_Emily_Assign 7_Programming.png
Stephan_Emily_Assign 7_Elevations 1-50.jpg
Stephan_Emily_Assign 7_Elevations 1-50.jpg
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